Inspired to Reimagine!

curtis and lisaSpearheaded by founders Lisa Grossmann and Curtis Broome, YVP is quickly becoming the go-to team for companies that want to move forward fast.

With specialties in network marketing, system implementation, and community development, Lisa and Curtis are among the top trainers and consultants in the industry. Their expertise has been gained through years in traditional business, as corporate executives, as million-dollar earners in network marketing, and as elite team leaders of hundreds of thousands. As industry visionaries and thought leaders, their innovative thinking and message aptitude has propelled them to the highest regard as consultants, public speakers, and elite team trainers.

The experts at YVP are individually and collectively recognized as Visioneers – insightful, well connected, and remarkably adept at engineering your vision into tangible actuality. YVP works in concert with you and your team to envision the outcome, enact a plan, and achieve the vision in your mind’s eye. Stuck in a rut? No vision? Leave it to Team YVP to ask the right questions, evaluate your responses, and craft the perfect strategy to reach the result you desire! With outstanding reputations as sought-after coaches and public speakers, YVP will inspire and train your corporate staff or top-level teams to reimagine the possibilities and achieve the success you desire.