About YVP

Founded in 2007 by Lisa Grossmann and Curtis Broome, Your Vision Partners, Inc. is a group of highly-skilled experts that empowers teams, leaders and corporate executives through their exclusive multi-faceted ability to ask the questions no one has asked, envision possibilities that others missed, and help clients both recognize and realize their own visions in ways that far exceed their expectations.

This handful of ingenious visionaries, with nearly 100 years of business experience between them, put together the ultimate global business network, assembling an international alliance of exceptional business minds at the ready with hands-on expertise. Along with their own vibrant minds, Your Vision Partners is intimately associated with leaders, experts, consultants and strategists across the globe – relationships secured through decades of collaborative business ventures. From vision evaluators to communication experts, international expansion strategists, and marketing gurus, you’ll have personal access to Lisa and Curtis, along with YVP’s world-class specialists. Proven, purposeful partnering will help ensure your vision becomes your reality.