Our Services

308260_10150380483295859_1316224370_nTeam YVP consults with companies to provide critical support and training. Along with the remarkable talent for innovative thought processes, their acute ability to identify marketing opportunities – and understand how to effectively implement them – sets YVP apart from others.

Team YVP has spent 20 years consulting, putting out fires, and implementing crisis control for companies that needed a great deal of immediate intervention. While they continue to help companies put out fires, they prefer to prepare and guide elite teams and corporate groups to prevent the fires from erupting in the first place. As they counsel others, they tenaciously tap into clients’ unique talents and abilities, teach how to develop any skillsets lacking, draw out the most veiled desires and goals, and continue mentorship to the desired level of achievement.

lisa cropYour Vision Partners is intimately associated with leaders, experts, consultants and strategists across the globe – relationships secured through many years of collaborative business ventures. Whether your company needs a superior compensation plan, a fresh marketing strategy, innovative products, international expansion, community development, culture refinement, or all the above, you can feel secure that YVP has the expertise, knowledge and critical intellect to guide you through.



Executive and Elite Team Training  •  Public Speaking and Emcee Services  •  Coaching and Mentorship  •  Vision Evaluation  •  Company Launch  •  Market Share Growth  •  Management Consulting  •  Communication Systems  •  International Expansion  •  Culture and Community Development  •  Project Management